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Exhibit Information

Booth Space Contract

Exhibitor Booth Floorplan

Exhibit Booth Information

Exhibitors must represent products and services that promote and are relevant to THT 2022. 

Contract and full payment for exhibit space must be received by Friday, January 7th.

Exhibit Booth fee:

8’ x 10’: $25,000.00

Application fee includes:

  • 8’ high back drape
  • 3’ side dividers and drape
  • 7” x 44” company identification sign
  • 2 Full Meeting Badges

In-line exhibit is one or more standard 8’ x 10’ units arranged in a straight line. The maximum height for an in-line exhibit is 8’.

Tabletop Display (Start-Ups Only)

Startup companies also have the opportunity to showcase their latest advances and technologies at THT 2022. If your company qualifies as start up, you will be able to reserve a table top display at a lower discounted rate. Please contact Fernanda Swan at  [email protected] to see if you qualify as a start up and reserve a tabletop display at THT 2021.

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